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Weddings are expensive! But with a little forward planning, you can save money by crafting your own wine to serve to your guests. Whether you’re looking for wine for your bridal shower, your rehearsal dinner, or your wedding reception, we’ve got you covered.

Wine Place can help you choose the best wine for your venue and guests. Call us today. We’re ready to get started!

Personalize It!

You know your guests best! With a choice of bottle sizes and the capabilities to personalize labels, we can help you distinguish your custom made wine. From large bottles to smaller ones, each with a special message to invoke a wonderful memory, we will help you impress your guests and provide the best wine experience for your event.

Make Wine for Your Wedding

Serving Wine to Your Guests

Providing table wine is a perfect complement to any meal. We can help you choose the appropriate red and white wines to enhance your special feast and please all your guests.

In order to serve custom wine at your wedding in Ontario, it should be noted that you will need to obtain a “Special Occasion Permit” prior to the event. To do this, talk to your provincial Alcohol/Liquor & Gaming Authority. We can also provide guidance through this process.

Don’t forget to check with your reception venue as some venues have strict rules and regulations with regards to serving crafted wine at their establishment!

Make Your Wine Favours

Giving Wine as Favours

Great news! Custom wine is permitted to be given as wedding favours or to be served at home for an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or any other type of gathering before or after the wedding without requiring a “Special Occasion Permit”.

We can't think of a better idea than crafting your own wine for favours!

Make Your Wedding Wine

When Should You Make Your Wedding Wine?

While your wine will be fine for drinking on the day that it’s bottled, wine is guaranteed to improve if it’s given a little extra time to age in the bottle. Generally, the recommended aging time varies according to the type of wine you’ve crafted, however as a general rule, we recommend two to three months for whites and a minimum of four months for reds.

Let us know the date that you need your wine for and we will make sure that you have adequate time to craft and bottle your wine and still provide for an adequate aging duration.

Serving Guidelines

Trying to determine how much wine you’ll need for your wedding event can be daunting. No one ever wants to run out of wine! Wine Place will help you work out just how much wine you will need, eliminating at least one worry from your extensive “to do” list.

The amount of wine you will require will depend on the size of your guest list and their consumption habits. You know your guests best. Provide us with the number of guests you expect and we’ll work out how many bottles you’ll need based on the average consumption. As a general rule, we recommend one 750ml bottle per three guests of drinking age. This provides five 5oz servings of wine from each bottle.

If you’d like to work it out for yourself, follow these steps to estimate how much wine you’ll need;

  • Calculate the number of people of drinking age at your wedding.
  • Multiply the number of people by four. (This provides the maximum standard drinks per person needed).
  • Divide the number of standard drinks by five per bottle.
  • Divide the number of bottles by thirty to arrive at the number of batches you need to craft, and then round up.

Let’s Make Wine For Your Special Day!

Contact us today whether you’re making wine to serve to your guests or to provide as favours. With this information, we’ll help you work out how many batches you’ll need to make and when the best time to make them is.

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