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Wine Making is Easy

Crafting delicious wine couldn't be easier!

We are here to help and make it fun!

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Here at Wine Place we walk you every step of the way through the wine-making process. Using state-of-the-art equipment and only the highest quality of juices, making wine couldn’t be easier! With guidance throughout the entire process and several brand name wine kits available to choose from, producing thirty 750ml bottles of top quality wine is more convenient than you ever imagined.

The owners and staff at Wine Place are always available to share their advice, recommendations, and laughs, making Wine Place a unique atmosphere to produce top quality wines while having a little fun. Whether you want to make a single grape wine or a blend, Wine Place is guaranteed to have a kit that’s perfect for you.

Make a wine you already love, or try something new. There’s always room for a next favourite!

Making Wine is Easy

Wine Making Perks

While it’d probably be quicker to look for a reason not to make wine, here at Wine Place we can’t help but babble on about the perks. Let us share a few with you now;

Wine Crafting is Cost Effective

It’s Cost-Effective!

By cost-effective, we’re not just talking about price. While the price of 30 bottles of wine that you made yourself is definitely less expensive than buying 30 bottles at a store, being cost-effective is also about “value”.

Whether you’re a connoisseur, an enthusiast, or simply inquisitive of wine, value definitely entails more than just cost. Value defines the difference between having a quality wine at a fraction of the cost vs. just having, well…a cheap wine.

If you’re a connoisseur or an enthusiast you will definitely appreciate serving quality wine for a lower cost. But even if you’re only beginning your exploration of wines, we can’t say enough about value in terms of cost-effectiveness. You’ll appreciate the freedom to explore distinct wines at a price you can afford!

Wine Crafting is Environment Friendly

It’s Green!

When you make your own wine, you reuse your wine bottles. That means less glass production for more bottles and less recycling requirements. What more is there to say about being environmentally-friendly? Making your own wine benefits the world!

Wine Crafting is Social

It’s a Social Affair!

Making your own wine brings you together with others. You can do it with friends or family and you get to meet fellow wine crafters. Together you can learn about different wines, share tips, and maybe even collaborate a personal wine tasting/trading event with fellow crafters to widen your horizons?

Making your own wine is all about sharing the love!

Wine Crafting is Gratifying

It’s Gratifying!

There’s nothing quite like serving a delicious bottle of wine and knowing that you made it. When you taste the quality of the wine you made, you’ll know you’ve truly accomplished something great.

But it’s not just about showing off! Along the way, you gain experience and you learn. If you’re not careful, you just may find yourself becoming an expert on wine variations, styles, and origins.

Wine Crafting is Convenient

It’s Convenient!

Warning! Crafting your own wine may become addictive!

Once you start making your own wine you may find you get used to the convenience of always having a stocked cellar. By always having wine on hand you’ll never again know the embarrassment of having nothing to offer your unexpected company. You’ll always be prepared for that last minute gift, and you’ll never have to run out to the store – or miss the store – because, gosh darn it, you just really want a glass of wine!

If those aren’t enough benefits and you need more convincing, come in and see us. We’re confident that you’ll find even more reasons to make your own wine after talking to us!